Foods that help burn fat faster

  1. Chilli - A single chilli pepper also contains a full day’s supply of beta carotene (which is great for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails) and twice your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C – an essential antioxidant that helps to battle toxins and foreign bodies in the blood stream.

  2. Beans - Each tiny bean is packed with nutrients, including protein and fibre, while remaining low in calories and full of slow-release energy. This means you’ll feel fuller, while the high protein content will help firm up your muscles and keep you toned. Swap out burgers for burritos, and beef chilli for bean chill.

  3. Lentils - lentils are a cost-effective way to pack in a lot of different stomach-strengthening nutrients at once, including fibre, complex carbohydrates and proteins. 


Sample Diet Plan for Weight Loss (Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian)


You can start with the following diet plan for weight loss. The choices of vegetables, Butterfly pulses, grains and beans, should be changed from time to time.


Morning (on an empty stomach)


  • Honey and lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water.




  • 2 Scrambled Eggs.
  • Vegetable Poha / Upma / Idlis / Vegetable Daliya with fruits + skimmed milk.