At Spice World Ltd (SWL), we are committed to developing a culture of consistently providing quality safe food products to our customers through complying with the Kenya Bureau of Standards Codes and all relevant state legislations, regulations and codes of practice and standards.

To ensure best practice, SWL recognizes the disciplines of Quality, health, Safety and Environmental management as an integral part of its management function. The organization views these as a primary responsibility to be the key to good business in adopting appropriate quality standards.

SWL is dedicated to the principle of continual improvement. To support this philosophy, we have developed and implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 which is regularly reviewed and updated. This system complies with, and is third party certified to, the requirements of the Kenya Bureau of Standard/International Standard.

We recognize the need to be guided by the following objectives in our quest to realize consistent safe quality food production.

  • We shall aim to keep our consumers happy by consistently providing high quality safe products, monitor customer feedback as a means to facilitate continual improvement.



  • We shall strive to attain and exceed all relevant laws & regulatory bodies’ standards; they shall be used as reference in our system updating. 
  • The QMS provides the basis for working in a systematic manner through formalised procedures and processes governed by GMP Plans and designed to ensure consistently safe quality food. A quality team has been delegated & authorised with the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of our Management System.
  • All staff shall be appropriately trained and continually informed of relevant quality, safety, health & environmental information and their important role in the production and provision of safe foods.
  • We shall communicate relevant quality, safety, health & environmental information to all the stakeholders in the food chain and inform customers of important nutritional and allergen information.
  • We shall ensure that suppliers and contractors adhere to our quality policy by communication to them and auditing their systems and inspection of raw materials supplied to ensure compliance to local laws and our standards.
  • Business objectives which are established, monitored and reviewed support the principles of quality, safety, health & environmental. Similarly, measurable quality objectives are established and monitored


  • We shall maintain and update the implemented ISO 9001:2008 in all our operations. 
  • We shall put a system in place that identifies and anticipate potential emergency situation through the emergency preparedness policy. Provide a backup in all emergency situations and to always avoid and minimize injury and loss of property while aiming return to normal operation in the shortest time possible.

The Managing Director and senior management fully endorse this Policy and the formal Quality Management System that has been implemented and certificated.