Gram Flour Butterfly

Butterfly- Premium Quality Gram (Besan) Flour for a Healthier you.

 At Spice World ltd, We believe in offering you only the best. This is reflected in the sourcing process of the ingredients, their selection, the manufacturing process, packaging and finally the distribution of the final product. Always, keeping you in mind!

The premium product quality of Butterfly gram Flour is ensured by selecting only the best quality yellow grams. The characteristic nutty flavor of the finely ground yellow grams gives gram flour the ability to create tasty, simple breads.

Gram flour is higher in protein content than wheat flour .70% of the fat in gram flour comes from healthy unsaturated fats that can lower cholesterol. Gram flour is GLUTEN FREE, so a good alternative for gluten free diets.

Gram Flour can be used as a paste with seasoning added, to coat fish or vegetables, as a thickening agent and also makes tasty bhajias, flatbreads, pancakes, traditional potato ,vegetable pakodas and some dishes.

Packed with the goodness of fiber, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, all required for a healthy body.

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