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Traditional flour that has been a Kenyan favourite for over 40 years

Kamal, a name steeped in tradition and heritage, brings the essence of time-honoured practices to your kitchen. With roots dating back to generations, Kamal stands as a guardian of the art of flour making. Kamal flourishes under the wings of Spice World Limited, preserving the values and craftsmanship that have been cherished for years.

Flourishing Traditions, Nourishing Generations

At the heart of Kamal lies a commitment to the purity of flour, manifested through our flagship products Atta Mark 1 and Gram Flour. These products have been lovingly processed, meticulously milled, and carefully packaged to retain the rich flavours and nutrients that have sustained families for generations. Kamal bridges the gap between time-honoured wisdom and modern convenience, ensuring that the tradition of wholesome nourishment continues to thrive in your homes.

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Kamal—a brand that carries the weight of tradition and the promise of nourishing futures.

Our Products