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Supported by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, we have launched High-Iron Nyota Beans (HIB) into the market. These value proposition of this new offering is a high level of nutrition provided in the product at an affordable price.

Spice World Ltd embarked on processing, value addition and packaging of Nyota – the leading HIB variety in Kenya. Since 2020, the company has off-taken 50 tonnes of Nyota variety. While supply of HIB varieties is generally low in Kenya, there are efforts to promote production which are expected to translate to increased volumes About a quarter of women in Kenya are deficient of iron and this product aims to solve that problem to ensure good health and well-being of mother and children as well. The company aims at expanding our processing and supply of Nyota variety under its established Butterfly brand names through our extensive distribution network.

Bridging the gap

There is limited capacity among bean processors to source and supply high iron beans. To bridge this gap and deliver value for the consumer, Spice World’s winning value proposition is that of offering a nutritious product that is high in Iron and would help support the reduction of iron deficiency in Kenya. This is a project that is near and dear to us as it will help us take a step towards progress of achieving the Sustainable Development goal of Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG3).

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