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Our People

Our employees form an exceptional team that has seen the Spice World brand grow and be what it is today.

The Leadership

Mr. Beju Shah

Founder & Executive Board Chairman

Mr. Beju Shah is the founder and driving force behind Spice World Limited. He is also the Executive Board Chairman of an independent Board of Directors for Spice World. With an exceptional career spanning 30 years in the FMCG Packaged foods industry, Beju Shah brings a wealth of hands-on experience, innovation, and leadership to the organization.

As the pioneer of Spice World Limited, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory from its inception to the present day. With a deep-rooted passion for Agriculture and FMCG Packaged foods, which he inherited from his father, he has harnessed his experience, knowledge and expertise to guide the company through milestones and accomplishments that have significantly impacted the industry. Throughout his journey, Beju Shah has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to innovation and growth. He was named among the top 25 most influential Chairmen of Boards in Kenya 2023. This is a testament to his brilliance and leadership in steering and guiding organizations for success.

Beju Shah’s deep-rooted expertise in a wide portfolio of relevant topics, from agriculture to manufacturing, from quality and safety to technological innovation and leadership, governance and teamwork has been instrumental in shaping Spice World Limited. Beju Shah’s vision for Spice World Limited goes beyond business; it encompasses a dedication to ESG and SDG’s. Beju Shah is a guiding light for Spice World Limited and empowers to drive innovation and embrace challenges head-on.

Mr. Shiv Dhanda

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shiv Dhanda has been at the helm of Spice World Limited since 2018. With over 30+ years of experience in various industries, he has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and steering the company towards innovation and growth.

He brings a wealth of experience having worked in many global as well local organizations.

He is passionate about strategic planning, performance evaluation, stakeholder & external relations management, risk management, financial analysis, supply chain management and Kaizen among other areas. Under his strategic guidance, Spice World Limited has achieved remarkable milestones.

Mr. Philamon Imbeywa

Chief Executive Officer

Philamon is the financial wizard of Spice World Limited, overseeing all financial matters with precision and insight. He holds 9+ years of in-depth experience in financial planning, analysis and risk management. He brings a wealth of experience in business management and providing technical and leadership support in all aspects of corporate finance and business operations.

He is a A strategist who thrives in strategy development and execution, risk management, financial modelling and cash flow management, financial and cost accounting, budgeting, strengthening of business internal controls and organizational leadership. Mr. Imbeywa plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s financial stability and growth trajectory while adhering to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.

Damaris Wanja

Head of Sales

Danny Rose

Head of Quality

Naushad Kermali

Head of Marketing & Corporate Comms

Sally Kiarie

Head of Human Resources

Hardik Patel

Head of Operations,ICT & Production

Chetan Patel

Head of Logistics

John Kamau

Head of Finance

Miriam Ndungwa

Head of Procurement