Butterfly Basmati Premium Rice

Butterfly Basmati Premium Rice is the crown jewel of rice varieties, celebrated for its exceptional fragrance, delicate texture, and exquisite taste. It has a fine texture and aroma and cooks perfectly every time. As one of nature’s finest products, it draws its unique aroma and taste from the special soil and climatic conditions found only in the Himalayas.

Sourced from the pristine fields of the Indian subcontinent, our Butterfly Premium Basmati Rice is the epitome of culinary excellence. It’s the rice of choice for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts who seek nothing but the finest for their dining table.


  • Cooks every grain
  • Great aroma and taste
  • Versatile to cook a variety of dishes

Product use (Recipes):

  • Biryani
  • Pilau (Pilaf)
  • Vegetable rice

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  • 5X5Kg Bale
  • 12X2Kg Bale
  • 24X1Kg Bale
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