Butterfly Green Grams Split (Mung Dal Split)

Green Grams Split, also known as Mung Dal Split, are a beloved ingredient in kitchens across the globe. These petite, bright green legumes are the heart and soul of countless dishes. Our premium Green Grams Split are carefully selected and processed to deliver exceptional freshness and taste, making them an essential addition to your culinary repertoire.

They are densely packed with nutrition and health. They are the best natural source of protein, dietary fibre and complex carbohydrates providing vital nutrients necessary for the body to stay healthy, fit, and active. Green Grams Split (Mung Dal Split) are a kitchen essential that can enhance the flavor and nutrition of your meals.


  • Nutritious and healthy
  • Quick to cook
  • Easy to digest

Product use (Recipes):

  • Lentil Curries
  • Soup
  • Snacks

SKU Sizes:

  • 24X1Kg Bale
  • 40X500g Bale
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