Butterfly Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans, celebrated for their robust flavour and smooth texture, stand as a cherished legume in kitchens worldwide. Our premium Butterfly Red Kidney Beans are meticulously selected to ensure superior quality, freshness, and adherence to culinary standards. Red Kidney Beans, provide an abundant source of plant-based protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, promoting a balanced and nourishing diet. These beans boast a robust, slightly sweet flavour with a creamy texture that absorbs flavours well, making them a perfect ingredient.

Red Kidney Beans exhibit remarkable versatility, fitting into an array of culinary creations. Their vibrant red colour adds an appealing visual element to dishes, enhancing the aesthetics and presentation of meals. Red Kidney Beans are widely used in cuisines worldwide, playing a significant role in traditional recipes across cultures, highlighting their adaptability and popularity in diverse culinary traditions.

Unique Features:

  • Rich in nutrition
  • Robust flavour
  • Creamy texture
  • Versatility in cooking variety of dishes

Product Uses:

  • Chili & stews
  • Soups & salads
  • Bean dips
  • Rice & bean dishes

SKU Sizes:

  • Single:
    • 1Kg
  • Bulk:
    • 24X1Kg Bale
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