Butterfly Rice – Kenyan Pishori

Butterfly Kenya Pishori Rice, renowned for its unique sweetness and exceptional aroma, tender grains, and distinctive flavour, is a culinary treasure. This premium rice variety is a source of pride for Kenyan cuisine.

Butterfly brings carefully selected Long Grain Pishori Rice of the finest quality sown and carefully nurtured in the rich, fertile soils of the Mwea region. The highest quality standards are maintained during packing and sorting. Ideal for the perfect meal every time for you and your family.


  • Cooks every grain
  • Great aroma and taste
  • Versatile to cook a variety of dishes

Product use (Recipes):

  • Rice and beans/Sukuma Wiki
  • Pilau (Pilaf)
  • Vegetable rice

SKU Sizes:

  • 5X5Kg Bale
  • 12X2Kg Bale
  • 24X1Kg Bale
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